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Foreign Language

Foreign Language

The Spanish program at Sunset School provides students with Spanish language that includes vocabulary, grammar, and culture of Spanish speaking countries. Fourth and fifth grade students meet 2-3 times as week on a rotating schedule for 40 minute sessions. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students meet daily for 40 minute sessions. Students actively learn and express Spanish through listening, speaking, writing, and reading in order to improve their fluency in the three modes of communication (interpretive, interpersonal and presentational). 

While learning a new language, students explore and gain an appreciation for several aspects of culture within Spanish speaking countries - art, celebrations, cuisine, history, traditions, and geography. Students increase their executive functioning skills when learning a new language. Emphasizing the importance of communication, students are presented with opportunities to apply authentic and realistic language use in the classroom. 

4th Grade: Sra. Nelson

5th Grade: Sra. Westfall

6th Grade: Sra. Westfall

7th Grade: Sra. Westfall

8th Grade: Sra. Leal Ramos