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Board Members

Board Members


Mr. Holt Zeidler (2025)
(312) 315-5123 
PDLT/PERA Training: 4/2021
OMA Training: 4/2021    



Ms. Jennifer Damon (2027)
(773) 220-2029  
PDLT/PERA Training: 8/2023
OMA Training: 8/2023

Ms. Abigayil Joseph (2025)
Education Committee Chair
(312) 975-2227
PDLT/PERA Training: 7/2021
OMA Training:7/2021


Mr. Sam Dotzler (2025)
Vice President
(312) 420-5948
PDLT/PERA Training 7/2021
OMA Training: 7/2021    


Ms. Cynthia Ho (2027)
Finance Committee Chair
PDLT/PERA Training: 7/2023
OMA Training: 6/2023

Mr. Charlie Pick (2027)
PDLT/PERA Training: 5/2023
OMA Training:5/2023

Mr. Sam Tideman (2027) 
PDLT/PERA Training: 10/23
OMA Training: 10/23  

Board Member Code of Conduct
The following document articulates the expectations and protocols for Board of Education members as they carry out their duties as public servants for the District. Please click here to access the Board Member Code of Conduct.

Comments and Questions

The Sunset Ridge Board of Education encourages community members to share their feedback. Please submit any comments or suggestions to the School Board.