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The Middlefork kindergarten program is designed to meet the variety of educational needs, learning styles, and social-emotional factors present among young children. Our extended day approach is unique, allowing the school day to grow along with the children's comfort levels. For the first few weeks of school, kindergartners experience a 3+ hour day (8:30-11:50 a.m.). The day extends to 12:50 p.m. in mid-September, as the students add lunch in the cafeteria and afternoon recess to their schedules. School hours extend for the final time by early to mid October, when kindergarten students remain at school until 1:50 p.m. Ultimately the 5+ hour day allows the integration of music, physical education, library, art, and technology into the children’s day without pressure or time constraints.

The Middlefork program is based on the philosophy that play is every kindergarten child's work, and that through play, children explore their environment and come to know themselves and the lifelong joy, value, and excitement of learning. Differentiation for students at various readiness levels is an inherent part of teacher planning. Age appropriate literacy instruction is supported by the phonics instructions (Wonders), writing workshop, and Handwriting Without Tears curricular programs. The Math Learning Center’s Bridges in Mathematics and Number Corner programs are employed by teachers to develop students’ number sense and place value, and their conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction, measurement, and geometry.

The Middlefork kindergarten extended day program allows us to balance academic expectations with extended periods of time in active, self-directed experimentation, thus allowing our youngest learners to integrate their new knowledge in a research based approach. PlayPods, reading buddies, daily class meetings, and Character Education lessons all support the social-emotional development of our students and the safe, nurturing school environment that young children require to grow and learn.

See below for a brief list of kindergartners’ favorite activities and curricular programs and navigate to individual teacher pages (see links above) for more specific information about your child’s daily activities.

Kindergarten Highlights
The Gingerbread Man Hunt
Parent Job Talks
The Tricycle Track
Forces and Interactions: Pushes and Pulls
Gratitude Journals
Parent Breakfast & Portfolio Share
Game Days
Raising the Flag w/Mr. Parks