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1st Grade

First grade is a tremendous year of academic and social-emotional growth for our students! During their full school days, they become readers and writers, develop their numeracy and problem-solving strategies, investigate scientific principles, and grow in citizenship and friendship skills.

The first-grade literacy program builds upon the foundational skills established in kindergarten. The Wonders core reading program exposes children to the conventions of spelling and grammar. These skills help students to apply phonics and word analysis to decoding words. The literacy program guides students at their individual levels to help them read with accuracy and fluency to support comprehension. Writing Workshop provides ample opportunity for them to write about their personal experiences, interests, and opinions and to progress through the developmental stages toward conventional spelling.

The first-grade team employs research-based materials (Everyday Mathematics, Number Corner) to extend students’ understanding of numbers and operations in base ten, the operations of addition and subtraction, measurement and data, and geometric shapes and their attributes. Understanding of addition and subtraction within 20, as well as fact fluency within 10 are mastered. Among the math practices fostered in first graders are the abilities to persevere with problems, attend to precision, and construct viable arguments for their answers.

In addition to daily math, reading, and language arts activities, first graders enjoy extensive, hands-on science and social studies units. In science, they lead investigations in structure, function, and information processing; structure and properties of matter; and space systems. In social studies, first graders explore what it means to be responsible citizens, how to construct and interpret maps, and how individuals have made significant contributions to society throughout our country's history. Other favorite activities during the year include reading with 3rd-grade reading buddies, three recesses per day, and a variety of iPad projects integrated into the curriculum.

See below for a brief list of favorite activities and curricular materials.

First Grade Highlights
Explorers' Club
Structure, Function, and Information Processing: 1) Insects 2) Rain Forest
Special Weeks
Mapping of bodies, the classroom and Northfield
Daily Number Corners
Everyday Math
Wonders Core reading program
Handwriting Without Tears
Keyboarding Without Tears
iPad projects using Google Slides, Book Creator, Seesaw, and more