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Fine Arts

Art Teacher: Olivia Mclean

The Art program at Middlefork School provides students with an introduction to the elements and principles of design. Kindergarten students are engaged in artistic endeavors in their classrooms on a daily basis and visit the Art Room every three weeks for forty minutes. In the spring of the kindergarten year, students study famous artistic styles and individual paintings while imitating the techniques and accomplishments of such masters including Monet, Matisse, Van Gogh, and Seurat. They also visit The Art Institute of Chicago to see some of the artists’ works in person. 

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade students visit the art room once per week for 60 minutes. The students will develop skills and knowledge of art media as a means of expression and communication. They will explore and gain an appreciation for art history, cultural art, and the social context of art. The students will perceive and gain an understanding of how the elements and principles of design are used in our world and our art. They will improve critical thinking by using their imaginations and creativity. Using the appropriate tools and medias, the students will create wonderful masterpieces of their own.

Music Teacher: Julia Clark

The music program at Middlefork School is designed to provide students an introduction to the elements of music - melody, beat, form, history, and instruments. Kindergarten students meet twice weekly in 20-minute sessions, while students in grades 1-3 meet twice weekly for 30-minute sessions. Instruction combines the best of Kodaly and Orff philosophies, giving children experiences in singing, playing, movement, listening to and analyzing music from a wide variety of time periods and cultures.

Students in grades 1-3 perform two annual all-school concerts, the Winter Sing and the Spring Sing. In the spring, kindergartners join in the performance as well, but in January they host their own special kindergarten concert. In addition, children provide music for occasional events throughout the year. All students look forward to third grade, when they learn to play the recorder.